When I Call On the Lord vs The Lord’s Call On Me

Remember wrestling or watching someone wrestling around & the goal was to make the other give up by saying “UNCLE?” This was to prove superiority over the other. We entertain the same concept when our restless spirit wants to challenge what God has for us. When God calls, we are forced to listen no matter how much we fight it. It does not matter what a person’s societal status is. Now, when we call on the Lord there’s an expectation that He will answer our call. So, imagine how much more powerful His call on our life is when He is ready to use us. Executives, celebrities, blue-collared workers, the spiritually lost, etc. have walked away from their mainstream or current lifestyle to focus on their faith in God. As their faith grew stronger, so did their desire to change their music, type of leisure, reputations, and the way they carried themselves in their personal lives. “TRULY TRULY I SAY TO YOU, AN HOUR IS COMING AND NOW IS, WHEN THE DEAD WILL HEAR THE VOICE OF THE SON OF GOD, AND THOSE WHO HEAR WILL LIVE.” – JOHN 5:25. This passage suggests we do not truly start living in the fullness of our life until we die in self and start living in our spiritual purpose. Give yourself room to grow. Stop pouring your energy (planting seed) into things that give you temporary satisfaction (thistle vs. good fertile ground) instead of everlasting joy (peace beyond ALL understanding). “AND THESE WHOM HE PREDESTINED, HE ALSO CALLED, AND THESE WHOM HE CALLED, HE ALSO JUSTIFIED; AND THESE WHOM HE JUSTIFIED, HE ALSO GLORIFIED.” - Romans 8:30. Our calling was predestined and it was justified so that we would give in and be glorified. Keep reading and allow this following seed to be planted into your spirit:


I gave in
To win
Because Jesus defended my sin.
I have hope for tomorrow
Because I traded my sorrows.
I no longer have to claim
My pain
Of shame
Because what I bring to the alter
Is what God has called for.
In Jesus form, God came down
So that we could lay down,
In one accord,
All this “WORLDLY STUFF” for the joy of the Lord.
Is no longer our weakness.
So for this we celebrate His Greatness.
And to this…
We say “Yes Lord!”
Because You paid for what we could not afford.
We may be pressed but we’re not crushed
And because of Your promise our hearts cannot be touched.
Your persecution was underhanded
But You did this so we would not be abandoned.
In this
We find limitless
Joy and should all repent
Because without You, we would have no strength.
But let me shed some reality
On the enemies fallacy
Devil heed our warning:


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