The Unseen War: Part 3

We read last month that there is a war going on, and we have a choice whether we choose to recognize it or not.  This war will go on until the end of time as Christ himself said in Matthew 24 and Mark 13.  To paraphrase, Nation will rise against nation family against family and brother against brother. This is a war between good and evil.  As a popular contemporary Christian song says:

Tonight's the night
For the sinners and the saints
Two worlds collide in a beautiful display

We all know who the victor is but remember that the battles still need to be fought every minute of every day.  This battle is absolutely a matter of life and death and where eternity will be spent.  The Bible makes it very clear that every person’s spirit will endure for all eternity.  Do we want to have our family and friends to live eternally without fellowship with our Creator and Lord?  Again we see the critical issues that are at the heart of this war.

If we really do grasp the need to be prepared for this battle, then we need to remember that we are completely equipped for this battle as it states in Ephesians chapter 6.  Let’s look closer at each piece of the armor: belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with the gospel of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit.

  1. Truth- 2 Timothy chapter 3 gives us our basis for this piece of the armor. How do we know what is truth?  Look again at 2 Timothy chapter 3.   All scripture is inspired by God.  This is the ONLY basis for truth we have that is the same foe every person that has ever been alive and is unchangeable.  No other basis of truth has any footing that is unchangeable.  This is what is called absolute truth.  The popular trend is that truth is what each person says it is.  A perfect example of this is if someone thinks that murder is OK based on their truth then it is OK.  HOW REDICULOUS is that thinking?  This is just another way for people to justify their behavior.  We have one basis of truth that has stood for over thousands of years and will continue to stand FOREVER.  God’s Word.  There is no other way to get truth than this.  If truth is based on anything else then it is interpreted in whatever way the person wants to suite his needs.  To know what this absolute truth is there is one and only one way to find it.  Read, study, meditate and pray on it as we are instructed in Romans chapter 12.  Never forget that it is a daily renewing of our minds through God’s Word.  Real truth is not found in any other way!
  2. Breastplate of righteousness- Romans chapter 3 describes this righteousness in great detail. We all are sinners and thereby causing a separation between God and us for all eternity.  We can never earn any righteousness as in Isaiah chapter 64 that states that all our righteousness is but filthy rags.  So how do we get from filthy rags to the righteousness of Christ?  There is one and only one way, salvation. At the exact moment of salvation we become clothed in the righteousness of Christ.  This is done by faith in Him who created and sustains the entire universe, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Faith is solely a gift from God but we must accept it and then believe it.  As Ephesians chapter 2 boldly proclaims we are saved (declared righteous) by faith and it is not of ourselves but a gift from God.  When God looks at us he only sees the righteousness of Christ.  What a gift and blessing we can only try to comprehend.

As we discussed last month that it is imperative that we share the gospel with everyone we meet and know.  We know that we cannot obtain this by our own methods and the only way anyone can get it is by the hearing of the gospel and the faith that God gives us.  We already know what our relationship is with Christ but are we telling and living it every day?  Till next month Peace and Love to you

In His Service,


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