The Unseen War part 1

No matter where you live or when you lived you have heard about or experienced at least one war.  Throughout most of history there have been wars or talk about an impending war.  The earliest accounting of a war was in Genesis 14:1-2.  Currently there are multiple wars going on throughout the world and even Christ himself said in Matthew 24:6 that there will be wars or rumors of wars until the end times.    The dictionary meaning of war is (The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology)“A struggle between rival groups carried on by arms which can be recognized as a legal conflict”.  War is an ugly, terrifying and horrible thing in which many people are killed or maimed, and ultimately no one wins.  We are all too familiar with this kind of war, but let us now look at another kind of war that has even higher and eternal consequences.

This unseen war is not fought with flesh and blood as the above wars but in the spiritual realms in the heavenly places as the apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:12.  Since this is a battle not seen by our eyes then most people either do not have any idea it exists or choose not to acknowledge it.  This is precisely where the enemy, Satan counts on fighting this battle or war, our lack of understanding.  We as humans tend to think that things we do not experience with our bodily senses do not really exist.  We show the enemy our weakness by thinking this way thereby opening ourselves up to fierce attacks and sadly in many cases outright defeat.

To be able to understand and defeat this enemy we must first understand who he is and how he operates.  Satan as he is now called was created by God before the world was.  He was created to be the most beautiful and powerful angel that ever was created and his name was Lucifer.  It was not enough for him to be the second most powerful being and the most powerful ever created.  He reviled against God as he desired to be equal with God.  As we see in Isaiah 14:12-23 he was cast out of heaven for this action.  Therefore his goal in all of history is to get back at God in the only way he can, by preventing God’s most wonderful creation, man from having a relationship with God.  How would this powerful created being accomplish this seemingly impossible task?

Satan knows well that a Holy, Infinite, Perfect God is unable to even look upon or be in the presence of any unrighteousness or sin.  He knows this well as that is the reason he was cast out of heaven.  His plan was to corrupt every person ever born so that they can never have any relationship with God much less spend eternity in heaven.  This would seem like an unimaginable task but he was smart enough to know and understand human nature.  He attacked us where he knew we were the most vulnerable, our desire to be like or equal to God.

Man was created perfect and sinless by God, so He had a perfect relationship with him as there was no sin to come between them.  Satan knew if he could break this relationship between God and man then man would worship him instead of God.  As we see in Genesis chapter 3 that he used lies and half-truth’s to deceive Eve and she would in turn involve her husband Adam. BINGO, Satan now had caused man to have a broken relationship with God.  Every human that was born after Adam and Eve sinned was born with this sin nature and thereby separated eternally from God.

Make no mistake about it, Satan and his minions continue to attack us all the time.  This is the unseen war.  Remember that it is Satan’s mission to destroy any relationship between God and man, whatever the cost and however long it takes.  The enemy will NEVER stop trying to destroy us.  Sounds like such doom and gloom and truly it is, EXCEPT for 2 glorious words BUT GOD.

Please join me next month where we will look as these great words that the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians chapter 4 and how to be victorious in this unseen war.


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