The Poetic Prayer Seed

When it comes down to it we all have a natural instinct for fight or flight because there is a little bit of warrior in all of us.  However, the fight I am referring to is not in the physical but in the spiritual using the power of prayer.  Have you ever thought what draws one to pray?  Well, here are some reasons.  Prayer fulfills emotional needs and can succeed where other means have failed.  God’s Word calls us to pray and Jesus also prayed regularly.  Prayer is how we communicate with God.  This relationship needs to be nurtured before it becomes necessity. Prayer allows us to participate in God’s Works.  Prayer gives us Power over evil and this Power is always available.  Prayer keeps us humble before God and grants us the privilege of experiencing Him.  Through this fellowship and communion, we can say something as simple as, “Lord please make it right” and He will hear our prayer.  Answered prayer is a potential witness and strengthens the bonds between believer & believer and believer & non-believer.

Prayer does not inform God, it involves God. Prayer does not get our will done in Heaven, it gets God’s Will done on earth.  Prayer is not because He needs us, but because we need God. With this being said, I have taken THE LORD’S PRAYER, which is one of the best battle tested scriptures in the Bible, and let the Holy Spirit move in me as I share this prayer through poem:


The spiritual feelings that are CREATED comes from my inner soul that’s why I’ve TAKEN my TIME to devise this RHYME that you can comprehend but at the same TIME get some nourishment for your SOUL.  You may feel this method is OLD.  But this method is the first SEED to allow all rhythm addicted poets to SUCEED in all they BELIEVE.  You may also be wondering, where you are going with this warped perception of REALITY.  Well my friend, if you don’t know then you can’t feel ME.  Because the message that I OFFER comes from the biggest child barer of them all, our FATHER who art in HEAVEN.  Help us continue to teach our mislead BRETHREN on how to praise Your NAME through the omnition of glory and not FAME.  Thy KINGDOM is the REASON we want to vacate these four SEASONS.  Thy Will is what we practice.  Satan’s deceit we must OVERCOME.  So IN the END through all this worldly SIN, we can say, “Thy Will be DONE”.  Now, give us a DAY that will help us PORTRAY a lifestyle that will not leave our hearts HEAVY-LADEN so one day we can meet You face to face in HEAVEN.  The debts we owe SOCIETY cannot compare to the debts we owe to You for setting us FREE and I pray you forgive me and my FOES for the sins we’ve committed, both the KNOWN as well as the UNKNOWN.  Now, lead us down a PATH where we’ll overcome this WRATH of deviant MANIPULATION from societies TEMPTATION.  For Thine is the KINGDOM that holds the power for all FREEDOM.  And it will be that way FOREVER, for me and my BRETHREN.  Take it from this spiritual STORY for it was told with heartfelt GLORY, Amen!!!

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