Spiritual Cancer

I had asked my wife Joanne if she would like to write a blog, her first, of what God has been teaching her. She is a lady that always seems to know what to say without being too wordy. She is a woman that has gone through several major trials in her life like divorce and the loss of a 24-year-old son due to a boating accident. She knows by experience how God can carry you through tough times and still face the tomorrows with joy and purpose.

God has me going through a time of spiritual growth and insight into why I am here and what my purpose for being here is. Yes, I do this and I do that for our church, and that in itself is not bad, but that is not my real reason for being alive. God has lovingly and graciously given me the privilege of being His daughter and then wants me to bring others to Him so He can adopt them also.

Most people do not see the need of having God in their lives especially since we live in such affluence, so why then are so many people unhappy and/or miserable? We live in such an “I’ll just do it myself” society, but rarely does what we do satisfy our need for our reason or purpose for life.

We were actually made so we can become a child of God and be adopted into His family. How can I not tell other this? It’s like I had the cure for cancer and wouldn’t tell people with cancer about the cure. I know how to go to heaven and be with God forever! I’ve told others this before, but if I don’t tell this it is as if I am saying “Okay, go to hell then.“ What an awful thing to do. I would never do that and most people wouldn’t either.

I know that a lot of people are content with their life and don’t want to change anything, but there are millions who aren’t but don’t know how or what to change. I understand we don’t ask Jesus to come into our lives just to add Him to what we are already doing in life. We confess our sins, repent or turn and go an entirely different direction in our lives, ask God to forgive us, and then ask Jesus to accept us into HIS life. What an adventure it is to live life with God!

Because He has been all I’ve needed throughout the down times in my life, I trust Him to be there for me in the future down times. I have nothing to fear if I really trust Him. He is perfectly able to provide all I need both physically and spiritually. I have purpose and direction for living that gives me joy (not just happiness) no matter what! Is there anyone out there who wants this also?

Please don’t die of spiritual cancer when there is a spiritual cure available. You are already greatly loved by God. The thing is you need to see your need to have God give you a purpose, and He has a great one just ready for you. It’s up to you. The next move is yours.

It is our prayer that God has spoken to you through this blog. Please contact us if we can be of any help to you.

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