As I was reading in Proverbs this morning, I noticed that the word “righteous” kept appearing.  In fact I found in the book of Proverbs it appears 60 times, 262 times in the Bible, 211 times in the OT and 51 times in the NT. Since Proverbs is the book on wisdom it must be teaching us that being righteous is very wise. Most of the time it is teaching us we will be blessed by our God, have a refuge, be bold, able to rejoice, be able to overcome adversity and many other good and positive things.

The Complete Word Study Dictionary defines it: “An adjective meaning just, righteous. The term bears primarily a moral or ethical significance. Someone or something is considered to be just or righteous because of conformity to a given standard. It could be used to describe people or actions in a legal context, indicating they were in accordance with the legal standards (2 Kings 10:9); or in a religious context, that they were in accordance with God's standards (Gen 6:9).” This definition clearly points out that something to be righteous has to have a standard to be measured by.

We are living in a time that there are few “standards” that our society is living by. The concept of what the individual believes is true is true for them is becoming what is accepted as norm. In others words we can set our own standards to live by. This concept would soon fall apart if our society would simply stop supporting them. Letting those who reject what our society says is what is right suffer the consequences of their decisions. Our fallen nature wants to do as little as possible and yet reap bountiful rewards which violates the Laws of the harvest. The laws of the harvest are: 1) You must sow to reap, 2) You reap what you sow, 3) You reap more than you sow and 4) You reap later than you sow. Another law is when a person continues to practices something good or bad it becomes a habit. Habits allowed to continue becomes a lifestyle and even seem right even if they are wrong.

This concept is not just for our livelihood! I believe it effects every area of our lives. If I eat (sow) more than I burn off I become overweight. If I consistently spend more than I make I will always be in debt which effects how I can live my life. If I break the law I will have to pay a fine or go to jail. This brings me to where I wanted to go on this concept. When I break God’s way, His Words, for my life, then I will reap His judgment. He, the God of the Bible, determined what is right and what is wrong and then put in writing and said it will not ever change. I personally believe there is only one Creator, the one found in Genesis Chapter one. He determined what is “righteous” for He established the standard that will never ever change.

If I don’t pay a bill or break a civil law I will have consequences in this life that I can probably overcome.  If I break God’s law I will have consequences in this life, and in the next life which is forever unless I find the forgiveness provided by God Himself.  This can only come through repentance which means to go in a new direction not being sorry for something. Sorrow comes from understanding I broke God’s law and His heart and that Jesus had to die for that sin.

Let my daily prayer be “O Lord, teach me your ways that I may be righteous before you, so that I may experience your blessings and wisdom”.

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