Really, Why Read the Bible? Part 3

In this series, we have been looking at some common reasons people give for not reading or studying the Bible. Very intelligent and well-meaning individuals hear these objections circulated around and believe them. Thus, barriers are erected between them and the Bible that does not need to be there. This series of articles has been intended to break down those barriers for those who genuinely did not realize there are logical answers to these objections.

The first reason we looked at was the idea that the Bible has contradictions. On the surface, a cursory reading of the Bible can make it sound like there are quite a few contradictions. We learned that careful study of those passages taken in context with the message of the whole Bible can be explained and that the Bible actually contains no contradictions.

The second reason we explored was that the stories related in the Bible no longer have modern-day significance because they do not directly address modern-day issues. In studying the Bible, we find, however, that the stories related in the Bible do not teach us the particulars, but rather teach us general principles for how to live holy lives in the sight of a holy God. The Bible teaches us how to make the right decisions about any issue we can face in this life, old or new because it teaches us who God is and how we should look at things the way He does.

The third and final reason we will address in this series is:

“Since the Bible was written by men (people), how can we trust it?”

Good question! After all, how do we know whether we are getting the real facts about God instead of just a group of men’s interpretations about God? Interestingly, the Bible was written over the course of thousands of years by different authors, and yet all the books agree on every theological point. That is simply not humanly possible.

The logical conclusion is that there is a God who wants us to know Him, and since He wants us to know Him, He used human instruments, guided by His Holy Spirit, to pen truths about Him at the times when mankind would be ready to learn them. And not only that, He has preserved and protected His Word down through the ages. People have tried to eliminate the Bible. It has not survived these attacks through the sheer willpower of mere men. It has been supernaturally protected by an all-powerful Being who is more than capable of doing so.

Friends, I pray that this series has shown that the Bible is trustworthy, relevant, and protected by God Himself so that all who read and study it can know Him for who He really is. He made you and wrote you a Love Letter. So go read it!

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