Read Between The Lines

And He said to them, "O foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! "Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and to enter into His glory?" (Luke 24:25-26)

The unconditional gift of love that Jesus gave will be talked about, taught, and celebrated forever.  Attempts will be made to put an interesting twist on a story that needs no help.  This is the foundation for us to be that spiritually encouraging force or A.K.A … Disciples. But here’s the question: Can you sacrifice and endure the emotional pain of ridicule and spiritual persecution while attempting to be the LIGHT for those who hurt you?  To man, a thankless journey but to GOD, a pass for us into eternity.  We have all heard the saying, “The story within the story”.  This next part is no exception, however, to understand it better you need to READ BETWEEN THE LINES:


Another day of life complete watching life doing what it DOES.
Trying to understand why people make such a big stink and a buzz,
About living life in such a way that others think they have ”IT”,
But realizing that “IT” still doesn’t make one fit.
I realize that doing what I do does MATTER,
But when I attempt to share my gift, many would just rather,
Ignore the “LIGHT” by expressing, “I don’t like THAT!
In doing so pushing my inner Spirit to react.
Now, please understand because of God’s grace and a changed heart, I do love all of YOU,
And God has made me the man I am to do what I do.
But with love comes HURT,
And I know this but it still feels as if every time is the first.
The gift I spoke on has given me wisdom to realize it’s not all about ME.
For this I thank You Lord for setting me free to believe.
But I do have a question and that question is “WHEN?”
When are you going to let “Peace be still” and let GOD in?
Living a life just depending on me, myself, and I,
Puts one at a disadvantage because when one is let down, all three cry.
Now let me attempt this again because all I can do is TRY,
Like watching a solar eclipse this light can and will pierce ones eye.
Where I find my Joy, I find my strength and you can experience this TOO.
Daily these foundational principles are what encourage me as I march through.
Part of my purpose is to show you grace & mercy’s effectiveness and how in times of duress, it will HELP;
If you believe in thee and trust in the Lord, you’ll feel better than you ever felt.
Also if you think about it, this ought to make you feel good knowing HE planned this all for YOU,
Or continue taking shots in the dark and leaning on your own understanding while you do what you do.

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