Pastor Dan Chaffin Bio.

My name is Daniel Chaffin, but I much prefer to be called Dan or Pastor Dan. I was born in June of 1948 into a working class family where I learned the meaning of hard work and being productive. Because I always loved reading and learning I became the only one of my siblings and cousins to graduate from college. While I was in college I married a girl that I had dated for two years. After a two year tour in the Army I settled down in a good sales job and started my family.

It was during this time, September of 1973 that I accepted Christ as my savior and four months later accepted the call to the ministry. Not being raised in church I grew and learned much as a man and as a Christian in the next three years. In September of 1976 my family and I quit our jobs and moved to Lynchburg, VA to attend Liberty Baptist Seminary. I graduated in 1979 with a Masters of Divinity Degree and started a new church in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. After six years, with a failing marriage and ministry, we moved to Nashville, TN area to rebuild our home and get a fresh start as laymen in a good church.

I am very sorry and embarrassed to say that we went through a divorce in 1996. After two years of “stupidity” God in His great mercy forgave me and began a work of restoration in me. In 1997 I met my soul mate Joanne, a wonderful Christian lady, at church and we were married in July of 1998. The next ten years was a time serving in a large local church in Nashville as a layman, building a strong marriage and rebuilding my “walk” with God.

In November of 2007 God literally put a Director of Missions in my home for three days. We became fast friends and during a time of prayer together God placed on his heart a church, Cranberry Baptist Church, for me to pastor. Through the interview process and much prayer Joanne and I both have felt and accepted the call from God to become the pastor at Cranberry Baptist Church on March 1, 2008.  In July 2013 Cranberry Baptist became Living Faith Bible Church to more accurately portray our beliefs and teachings.

We both have two children from our previous marriages. My children are Tracy and Michael. Tracy is married to Neal and they have two children. Michael is married to Stephanie and they have one child. Joanne had two boys Mark and Craig. Mark is married to Jolie and they have no children at this time. Craig graduated to Glory in a boating accident in March 2008.

I hope you see that my life has been, probably like most of yours, times of victory and some times of defeat. I have not always made good decisions, but God has seen me through the dark times and used them grow me into a wiser and stronger man. God is still able to take our broken pieces, when we bring them to Him, and rebuild them into something beautiful and useful. He will for you too!