Meet Pastor Dan

Hi! I am Dan Chaffin, Pastor of Living Faith Bible Church. The first thing I would want you to know about me is that I love God and people. I care about what is happening in your lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. My desire is to know what your prayer needs are and how I can help you know Christ and grow in Him.

The second thing is that I love the Holy Word of God. For me the Word has the answers to life whether specifically or in principal. They give wisdom, understanding and direction for life. The Word is God‘s love letter to us. It is His way of talking to us. It helps us to know what to do in a crisis or in the everyday occurrences of life, like keeping a marriage strong or in the rearing of children. My job and delight is to share and teach the Word and just as importantly teach you how to apply it to your lives. For it is in the application that the Word becomes alive and powerful to us.

The third thing is that I believe most churches misinterpret the “Great Commission” of Matthew 28: 18-20. I was taught that it meant to go and win souls for the Kingdom. But the Word says to “make disciples”. A disciple is one that follows the teachings of their master/teacher or to become like him. This can only be accomplished through one on one mentoring or in small (Bible study) groups over a period of time. Accountability is paramount to the discipleship process. We all need mentors that teach and model godliness and holiness to us that we might become “like Christ”. The world in which we live is in dire need of such mentors.

It is our desire to get to know you, encourage you and minister to you in anyway we can. Please contact us or come and visit with us soon.

May God’s richest blessing be upon you and your family.

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Pastor Dan