Just Tell Your Story

A friend invited me to go with him to a Thanksgiving meal.  I accepted the invitation and we went.  As it turned out we went to a home of a Christian couple.  We talked of our work for the Lord, and one by one we shared our testimony.  Some at the table had been into drugs, some had spent time behind bars, and some had miraculous conversions.  It was quite a wonderful time listening to all the testimonies and also sharing my own.

The words came freely, and before long, it was time to go.  As I reflected on the evening, I thought about evangelism, and how the topic is intimidating to many Christians.  Let’s face it.  Most Christians haven’t studied scripture enough to go head to head with an atheist or a Mormon or a Muslim.  And that prevents them from telling others the wonderful news of the Savior.

In John chapter 9, we read of a blind man that Jesus healed… on the Sabbath.  This rather upset the Pharisees because according to their rules, which they equated with Scripture, healing on the Sabbath was forbidden.  And they brought the man in to question him.

At the time, the man who was healed didn’t even know Jesus was the Messiah, however when the Pharisees questioned him, he stated his story plainly: “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see! (John 9:25a NIV).  Later Jesus met with him again and revealed who He is.

Evangelism doesn’t have to be scary.  You don’t need to go to seminary to share the good news.  All you really need to do is tell your story.  Tell people what Christ has done for you.

You may be thinking “I can do that, but what about when they ask me those hard questions?”  If you can give a loving example from scripture, do so.  If not, just tell them you don’t know, but you’ll get back to them.

We all know a pastor or someone who knows scripture better than we do.  Go ask them.  And then get back to your friend with a proper answer.  The point is that they are more likely to listen to you if you keep it conversational rather than confrontational.

As Christians, we all have a story.  We all haven’t been behind bars.  We all haven’t struggled with drugs.  We all haven’t had dramatic conversions or powerful healings.  But we all have a story to tell.  And even those who won’t step foot in a church will listen to your story.  We all can tell the story of what Christ has done for us.

Let’s hear your story.

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