How Do I Find Happiness?

This week, I am sharing (with permission) an email from one of our members, Rachael Tomaro. She does a very good job of explaining how she finds happiness in spite of the many difficulties in life:

 My sister asked me a very poignant question the other night, and I have realized that I answered her with less than the full truth. She asked, “How do I find daily happiness?” Not such a strange question, my family has genetic chemical imbalance issues, endocrine disorders. At the time I answered that I really don’t know. I struggle also. Most times I am just accepting things for what they are, events being positive or negative and if that makes things good or bad. Not particularly ‘happy,’ but not sad.

   I awoke this morning to feel the severe incompleteness of this answer. My happiest days are when I start them with God. Now many may argue that God actually has nothing to do with it. It is simply the fact that I am starting my day with a positive influencer, the ‘thought’ of God. Therefore I am conditioned to have a better day.

 Well, after many years of not greeting the day with thanks and a sleepy ‘good morning’ to God, I beg to differ. I may only now be learning how to argue this point biblically, and philosophically you may have me hands down, but my heart knows this truth. I know the ‘miracles’ and the ‘coincidences’ that I have witnessed and been blessed by. I know the trials that I have experienced and Who has pulled me through. I know the beauty and amazement and the science of this world, and I am happy to know it, thankful and grateful to know it, through God.

 So I guess my honest answer to, “How do I find daily happiness?” is simply, “Through God.” Will this take away all your pain, suffering, illness’ and grant you the perfect life? It honestly can.  As humans we are rather funny, psychotically so. We need just to commit ourselves to loving someone completely, being a blessing to others, beating pain and suffering with faith-filled acts of love and time and patience. Stepping out and giving of ourselves joyfully with Christ in our hearts and minds and in our mouths and handiwork, and we can be ultimately blessed! Yet we choose to pay more attention to the diseased whispers that tell us, no, this is too much. Why get up and do, when we could sit and have others and other things do for us? Then we wonder ‘why’ and curse our state of being, when it is all but our own choice. The choice to not see and do with the eyes of our heart. The choice to let pain and illness be a final label and not strive for more. The choice to let others dictate answers we should be letting our Savior give us.

 Maybe some better questions would be, how do you find the strength for trust and faith? How do you find the capability of hearing God? Oddly enough, the answer again is, “Through God!” Granted, sometimes I forget to listen or must struggle to hear. I forget in my own anger, sickness, frustration, sadness and yes, sometimes self pitying, to pause. To listen. To seek that small, clear voice that reassures, “I am always here.” To breathe in and find the solace from that which not only made me, but which, in an entire universe of creation, finds mercy for my brokeness and grace for my existence. To stop and recognize the reality; an omnipotent entity entertained deep suffering, extinguished part of Himself and expended the energy and time to become whole again, for me!

 How can that not give me the joy of hope and the strength to do another thousand days, another million, for Him who loves me so, so very much?

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