From Creation To Salvation

Man has been under attack from the enemy since the devil first tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It continues through any temptations or spiritual warfare you may be dealing with to date.  However, there will come a day when all this will cease. Scripture reads, Of David. A psalm. The LORD says to my lord: ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet." PSALMS 110:1  The imagery suggests that there will come a day when your challenges / adversity will not have any leverage or influence over your life.  This is God’s Kingdom and He is Superior over all.  Pray for faith and pray without ceasing and in God’s time this will be revealed to you.

The bible reads, “In the beginning God created…”
But in many conversations this is softly stated.
He created the good, and the great
But make no mistake
That since the beginning
Was considered winning
And because of this thought
We all gained at His loss
When he died on the Cross.
Jesus broke the mold
To save our souls.
Because of this as a Child of God we have been challenged
And knocked off balance.
We’ve even felt alone
In our own homes.
But heavens Voice
Is our cause to rejoice.
Because of God’s grace and glory
The enemy has no authority.
Our spiritual bond as Christians cannot be severed
As long as there are two or three gathered together.
Now there is only one remedy
So let’s put on the armor of God and defeat the enemy.
We must decrease
So He can increase
We must bind up Satan in our lives at all expense
Setting aside
Our pride
Fear, doubt, and even hidden bitterness.
So for the sake of creation
Then and now
Should be our final destination.
So let’s come together on one accord
For the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
And realize that our “Free Will” was not free
You see
A price was paid for that “Will”
And now we must defend it on that spiritual battlefield.

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