While growing up, I often learned and often heard about certain bedtime routines that were supposed to help me transition out of the business of day to the peacefulness of night: warm milk / cookies, quiet time, counting sheep, reading, etc.  A bedtime prayer is another “routine” that is key to the health of your spiritual and physical being.  It calms your body from the fast pace of the day as it draws you nearer to God.  “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) Circumstances occur because God has allowed them to happen.  So, in the trials thank God for what you are learning as well as in the times of joy and peace, thank God for what you have been blessed with.  So as you transition into your nightly routine, read this prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to calm your spirit for a restful evening.

When I pray I long for Thee,
And when I sleep my soul’s set free.
So when I lay me down to sleep,
God protect my soul from tragedy.
But if Heaven calls me home,
While I dream and am alone,
I know one thing is promised and true,
Jesus said, “I’ll go and prepare a place for you”.
So Father, as I say this prayer,
Please protect me from my darkest fears.
You have known my heart
From the very start
And said, “…before you were born, I set you apart”.
I know I am safe in You tonight,
But with closed eyes still give me sight.
Now in these words I feel more secure
Though my flesh may weaken
My heart is pure.
Thank you for my true reward
For rest and peace in a sovereign Lord.

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