12 Inches From Heaven

“Once upon a time” is how most good stories begin.
Perseverance over an enemy or foe is how we like to see the story end.
But the “Time” in reference
Speaks on the past, the future, and most important…the present
And in this present time
What I’ve come to find
Is that the enemy’s only design
Is to react to what originates in our mind.
The devil has the power of persuasion.
That’s how he convinced some angels to join his rebellion (Rev. 12:4)
He cannot read our minds but he can influence our thoughts.
That’s why we are to put on the full armor of God to stand against the enemy’s devilish plots. (Eph. 6:11)
Now, this mind blowing process is where it all starts
But to win this Spiritual Warfare one must move “12 inches south and battle with one’s heart.
Let the meditation of your heart be acceptable in God’s sight
And with this will come a clean heart that will renew your spiritual right.
Surrender your mind, body, spirit, and any earthly vice
And press towards the mark of the high calling of Jesus Christ.
You must decrease so He can increase
Because there is limited joy in a small piece of peace.
Pray whole heartedly
And cry to God “Consume all of me.”
Your heart is the key to His Kingdom
So pray and be thankful for your freedom.
Don’t be manipulated by the enemy’s rebellion
Because there is about a foot between you’re your head and your heart
Or to put it into perspective; 12 inches from Heaven.

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